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Flag Day

The weather couldn’t have been better! Thank you to Charlie & LaVonne for celebrating with us. 🙂 Save

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Summerfest, Day One

Well, it”s a wet and soggy day on the Coast, but what”s a little rain to Oregonians?  People are flocking to Wheeler in droves for a Summerfest experience! Save

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Wheeler Summerfest July 16-17

It”s time for our hometown event!  They have absolutely ensured that there is something for everyone. Steamboat rides,food, hay rides, food, Clydesdales, live music, a water taxi to/from the Nehalem Celebration of Crafts… and did I mention food? Come enjoy our fabulous little town with us. You can see more details here and RSVP here. Save

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70 Ways to Discover the Oregon Coast:

X Marks the Spot for Foodies And where does the ‘X’ for Foodies fall, according to Portland Monthly? Why, right here in Wheeler, of course!   Save Save

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Looking out the window…

This monster came down the bay this afternoon! We’re not entirely sure what it is, but it sure is big! If anyone has an idea, please let us know.

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Tillamook County Quilt Trail

Our very own Creative Fabrics (located on the street level of the building) has been added to the Tillamook County Quilt Trail which showcases historic barns and buildings in our county. The North Coast Citizen did a wonderful article on the block, and the business, which you can read here (page 10).  

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Sunsets on the Bay

Katie caught this gorgeous sunset the other day.  With the sun shining on the mountain, it”s no wonder that Neah-kah-nie means “place of the supreme deity”. Save

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Elk on the Island, A Wheeler Spring Morning

The view from the hotel this morning…                                         Save Save

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